Social media scheduling and workflow approval software

Rivuu is a social media scheduling and productivity application that makes your team's and client's lives easier.
We're not going to waste your time with a bunch of sales copy, this page is a fully interactive demo of Rivuu's features.


At the heart of Rivuu is its ability to match your team's workflow.

However you work, you can configure Rivuu to support your team end-to-end.

Try out some preset workflows with the buttons below.

These are just examples, your workflow can be any structure.

Management Table

Fine grained control over workflow structure, permissions and email notifications for your team and clients.

Interactive Table - customise the workflow or people's permissions
Review Content
Rejected Content

We don't tell you how to run your team, you tell us.

Keep scrolling to see how this workflow is implemented.

Create Content

The create content page starts content on its journey.

Try the presets below, or create your own.

subdirectory_arrow_left The buttons that appear here are based on how your workflow is configured.
This create button sends content to the first step in the workflow.

Review Content

Your team and your clients can see all the content in a step here.

You can edit the content and send the content to the next steps based on how the workflow is configured.

subdirectory_arrow_rightUse this side menu to see what content is in each step of the workflow.

$ 10 USD
per profile per month

All packages include

  • check Schedule to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram
  • check Access all features
  • check Unlimited Posts
  • check Unlimited Users
  • check Customisable workflows and more

That should have given you an idea of how Rivuu can make your team's lives a lot easier.

Don't take our word for it though, let's hear from some community managers that use Rivuu.

The team has had nothing but positive things to say about Rivuu; it's significantly more reliable than our previous platform and the workflow system is the most advanced I've seen.
Max Doyle
We have in the past had some great manual processes in place for managing content creation, but inevitably mistakes did still sometimes happen. With Rivuu we get it right every time; no post is ever forgotten.
Charlie Morgan
We really appreciate the ease with which content is created - it's like a production line for social posts!
Evan Phillips
For me, it's just so clear what I need to design next. The community manager loads up a framework for the post, then I drop in a first shot at the design for the client. The client offers revisions and I see them straight away in my dashboard.
Sarah Harrison
We've gone from an average 1 week turnaround for getting content approval to less than a day. Love it.
Hazel King

Rivuu's customers report an average saving of 4 hours per week per FT employee as a direct result of Rivuu's efficiency improvements. Less pointless conversations, less mistakes, faster approvals from your clients.

Keep your clients and your team happy, try out a free trial of Rivuu now (no credit card needed!)

Still not convinced to check it out? Here's a full list of what Rivuu can do to make your life easier.

  • Add an unlimited number of users with ease.
  • Fine grained control over what each user can do and see
  • Advanced workflow engine can be configured however you want
  • Email / Push notifications to users to tell them when content is awaiting approval.
  • Fast and reliable scheduling for a wide range of social media content types.
  • Calendar shows you which days you've already scheduled content for
  • Time picker shows times for posts already scheduled on that day
  • Facebook handshakes and organic targetting
  • Content categories to help organise your content
  • Content is shown to you and your clients exactly as it will appear on each site (we've made sure the width's are identical so you can even get the break points right)
  • Talk to a human when you need help through live chat
  • Is something missing? Ask us and we'll add it for you!